Cent % Solutions for any Technical Need

Market Sectors

Over three decades, Centech has participated whole heartedly in sectors such as :

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostics Laboratories
  • Health Care
  • Food Processing
  • Cold Storage
  • Semi Conductors
  • Blood Bank, among others


Centech has an unrivalled reputation in the construction of cleanrooms for pharmaceuticals industries, from simple modular designs to complex facilities.

The requirements of these projects involve the integration of process and cleanroom technology. Our expertise has been deployed in the design and construction of :

  • Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (APIs) facilties and containment.
  • Blow fill seal technology
  • Sterile asceptic and cyto toxic facilities
  • Micro labs and containment facilties
  • Commercial formulation lines
  • Contract manufacturing facilities
  • Primary and secondary packing systems


Centech`s competency in the bio technology industry spans more than three decades. This expertise includes design and construction of multipurpose contract.

Production routes for clients have included :

  • Bacterial
  • Mammalian cell
  • Viral
  • Fungal & Enzymes

The nature of these projects has ranged from lab-scale development through to full commercial scale production. Our services are engaged as full turn key contractors or as specialist one-off system integrators and solution providers. We have expertise in :

  • Fermentation conventional and disposables
  • Primary separation, down stream processing centrifugation, filtration, chromatography, ultra filtration.
  • Media and buffer handling and preparation
  • Facility and process architecture
  • Laboratory, pilot and large scale manufacture
  • Contained drain systems
  • Effluent treatment and kill systems
  • Facility segration and flows including HVAC
  • Critical utilities and high purity services (purified water WFI, pure stream, gases, CIP, etc)

Personal Care

Centech`s vast experience in the clean room industries has been used to great effect for toiletries and cosmetics clients. Our design methodologies challenge existing production processing, improving levels of purity and product uniformity, while reducing waste and environmental impact.

Our capability in this industry is based on numerous years of exposure in the demands of large scale production of every day common consumer goods.

  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Hair colourants
  • Fragrances and perfumes
  • Body care products

Health Care

Centech experience includes ;

  • Cytoxic and aseptic suites
  • Isolation rooms and operating theatre
  • Clinical research facilities

We have a long and varied history of working with universities, from simple laboratories to more complex nanotechnology and high containment facilties. Recent projects includes :

  • Chemical micro and general laboratories
  • Clean room and nanotechnology facilities
  • Bioscience and medical research
  • Veterninary medicine and sciences

Our Areas of Operation

  • Pharma
  • Oral Solid Dosages
  • Oral Liquids
  • Topicals
  • Parentrals
  • Ayurvedic Preparations
  • Homeopathic Dosages
  • Cosmetic & Oral Hygiene

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